Write here to tell us about yourself, what you've been doing, who you're looking forward to seeing, where you'll be staying, suggestions for personal get-togethers with friends, etc. etc.  Express yourself!
(Sample from Bette Yeager Miller) 

Well. Let's see! Like most of you I am 67 y/o, I am married, X 43 yrs.have 2 married, adult children - Joshua' is a Kitsap Co. Sheriff - Sargeant & Casey is Admin. Asst. Diabetes Ed. & Cardiac Rehab. @ TG.  And I have 6 beautiful, intelligent grandchildren.  I have been an RN for45 yrs & still work, in a private fertility clinic here in Tacoma, but just 4 or so days a month.  I volunteer at & help run a 32. y/o free clinic, also in Tacoma, in Hilltop area.  I still attend St. Leo Church, my parish since birth, and on a health ministry team there.
i love to travel and read books of many genres bot have an affinity for historical (romance) esp. if set in Scotland or Ireland, counties of my ancestors.  I've done fairly extensive travel, thanks to being married to a military man, now retired, & have been to Ireland 4 times (have cousins  there still., and have been to  most countries in Western Europe & all of United Kindom to include Northern Ireland .  I've been to most states here in USA.  I have a beloved pet, dog, Seamus, almost 70 lb. 1/2 Bearded Collie & 1/2 French Briard, who is a protective mama's boy.  Live in North end of Tacoma, among many memories of my youth.  One of my best friends, Sallaye, also a stadium grad.  Not much else, altho I recently started a Pilates class in an effort to feel better, & feel as if I am doing something for myself.
4 of my 5 sisters still live in & around Tacoma & see them pretty often.  
I hope many of you will come to our 50th re-union, as we, the committee, have worked diligently on it & at our age who knows how many more opportunities we will have to re-meet, and share memories.  While at the Tacoma Yacth Club again, it is very casual, only shirt & shoes required, oh yes, and pants too ;-). , or skirt, or kilt. 


  Lenora Andres
Tuesday, November 19, 2019
Hi, I am working with the committee planning our 55th reunion!  The date and place has been set, and more will follow!  We are doing this ourselves, so keeping the price down AS LOW AS WE CAN GO AND STILL HAVE A NICE REUNION!  Look for an email or information on Facebook (you can be invited in by anyone on FB who is already on - just to be approved by Lance Lambert, who started this group a number of years ago!)  Word of mouth - so please spread the word, but get them to get us their email address, all contact information, and continue to pass the word!
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  Erla Elizabeth Kiteley "E"
Thursday, July 9, 2015
My life has been very interesting since graduating from Stadium High School and spending a few years at TCC. I was a bit of a gypsy when it came to settling down - both in vocation and location. I had several unusual jobs in the sixties from a receptionist, model, artist, bartender, and dancer. I worked at an ice cream shop, library and insurance agency - finally getting hired as a stewardess (what I was called at my hire date in 1969). I flew for 35 years and retired in 2006. During that time I raised twin boys and a daughter.  I have traveled much but now enjoy spending time at home in the Northwest. After retirement I returned to my first love -Art - and have been painting ever since. However the joy of my life has been being a mother; My sons and daughter  are my best creations!  I I have lost two dear grandsons - one to SIDS at three months and the other to a rare Zellweger disorder which took his life at four years. From this - I have learned to appreciate every moment in life; I cherish my friends and love the simplest moments and things in life. My love of painting and a small level of success has enabled me to donate from time to time to Childten's Hospital. There is nothing more dear than the face of an innocent little one who bravely faces daily health issues . The lessons I have learned from them. In the future I hope to travel a little more...spend time with my one 13 yr  old grandson and keep busy with wonderful, caring friends who have enriched my life and made a difference in the lives of others. Our upcoming reunion will be a hectic but rewarding time to reacquaint with the young children of the 60's. I will cherish each memory and moment we share.%uD83D%uDC99
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Saturday, July 4, 2015
From Robert Pattin...:)
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  Tamara (Starkey) Smith
Tuesday, June 30, 2015
After granduation I attended TCC for a year and then transferred to UPS where I earnd a BA in elementary Education. A Month after graduation I married Richard Smith and moved to Torrance, California where teaching positions wlere waiting for us. We have a son and daughter who have given us 5 wonderful grandsons ranging in age from 7 to 14. Our daughter is a teacher on leave to raise her 3 boys and our son is an Engineer with CAL-FIRE. I worked in Torrance Unified School district for 38 years, Nineteen  in the classroom and the remainder as an administrator.  I retired as an Elemantary Principal. In retirement I love traveling, spending time with family and friends, and scrapbooking. My husband and I belong to Corvettes of Southern California. We own a '62 white vette with red interior and an'11 bright orange vette with tan interior. I have traveled to all 50 state and visited all of the capitols and DC. My current goals are to visit the remaining seven California Missions and all seven continents and as many countries as possible.
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  Erica (Honeywell) Posner
Tuesday, June 16, 2015
Blissfully married to my high school sweetheart after 46 years, Terry and I have been enjoying being grandparents to our daughtter's three (10, 7 & 4), who thankfully live close by. Our son in Chicago isn't quite done playing around before he settles down. Terry still works full time and I love being retired. I somehow manage to fill my days puttering and being entertained by the birds at the feeders outside my windows. (Son's comment on his last visit as I excitedly pointed out the plethora of chickadees, "Mom...you are now officially an old person.")
The thing is, I don't feel like an old person. I don't even regard my mom (still sharp,active and independent at 94, God bless her) as an old person. I do love my afternoon naps, but who doesn't? What a relief to finally be okay with not having goals in life; to get up each day, stretch, brew a cup of coffee, talk or not talk, then do or not do something productive. Life is good!
I'm looking forward to our reunion.
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  Susan rutherford
Tuesday, June 9, 2015
Can it really be our 50th? Yikes! Too many years to cover. Some great, some not so great and some just flat out incredible!  Fifty years with same man, one son, three grandchildren..all perfect of course. Well loved,  kept in touch with friends, buried some,learned much about life along the way.  Finally know whats important, or at least think I do. Looking forward to catching up on and renewing old friendships and acquaintances.  Bring your dancing shoes Bobbie jean!
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  David Price
Friday, June 5, 2015
Greetings from Denver, where  I  have  lived since the early 70s. I came here for graduate school (they offered me money) and did not expect to stay because I missed the water.  But I kept getting jobs and then formed a company with a friend. I am still working as President of a small non-profit organization I formed in the mid-80s. I consult with courts and justice systems, and with human services agencies around the country. Retirment is probably a few years away.

I have been lucky in life and am very happy.  My life took a strange turn in the late 60s when my dad accepted a job in Turkey and I ended up graduating from college in Beirut, Lebanon (The American University of Beirut). I was drafted before I entered graduate school and served in Viet Nam  as an interrogator/translator. I finished graduate school in Denver and then traveled for a year in South and Central America (one of many travel experiences). I have been working at various jobs ever since, both as a vocation (researcher) and an avocation (waiter/bartender, exercise instructor).

I assume you are as surprised as I that we have come this far. I am not certain where this journey will end, but I will continue to have fun living. Although I have cut back on my paid work, I cntinue to volunteer on several fronts. For example, I am serving as President of my neighborhood association in downtown Denver (art museum, capitol, library), serve on a couple of boards and perform pro bono work for public agencies.  I am expecting to live to be 100, which is not too ambitious these days. That age seems very distant to me now, but I know the time will pass quickly.

I have fond memories of my years at Stadium and I am looking forward to reconnecting with all of you at our 50th reunion. CONGRATULATIONS to all of us.
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  Suzanne Smith
Tuesday, April 21, 2015
My husband, Dan Meyer (married 48 years) retired last summer from our auto collision repair business in Tacoma after 30 years.  We live in Gig Harbor and do quite a bit of traveling.  We have two children and 3 grandchildren. They all live in Gig Harbor, which makes it fun.  We will be on a trip in July, so, we might not make it home for the reunion. 
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  Lenora Roberts Andres
Thursday, February 26, 2015
I'm still married to Tom (46 years!), two married daughters, one with 2 boys, ages 6 and 8 and the other with 1 1/2 year old girl and 13 year old boy.  We really enjoy being grand parents! Tom and I have liked to travel - although those long flights are getting to be too long! We belong to two car clubs (Gallopin' Gertie's Model A Club and Steeds), so lots of social time with friends from these clubs.  We are getting ready to downsize to a more carefree living style home and yard, and are looking forward to a very active 55 and over community. I have been on our reunion committee every single reunion, and have enjoyed getting to know a lot more people than I knew in high school! 
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  Jerry K Otto
Friday, January 16, 2015
After High school I attended Green River Jr. College for aircraft design. Before I got a job with Boing I got my draft notice and joined the Navy. After 4 years in the Navy I was then into electronics. I joined the local telephone company(Pacific Northwest Bell) now Century Link. I spent 35 years working as an inside electronic tech( Central Office tech). after retiring in 2005 I hired on with the Puyallup School district as a custoidian. I work at Aylen Jr. High School .
    I collect stamps, have many house  plants, and enjoy reading. I ride my motorcycle whenever I can. I have two daughters and a son, 8 grand children, and 3 great grand children. two small ChiPom puppies and tropical fish. Have been married three times, my last wife and I have been married for 26 years.
   I have never been to a reunion yet and am looking forward to the 50th. Not sure I will know anyone but it will be fun connecting. I feel lucky to have always lived in Tacoma, except for part of the time I was in the Navy.
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