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Now (253) 627-7538 10006 112TH ST. SW LAKEWOOD WA US 98498 JOURNALIST, RETIRED Widowed
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Ed Hawkins
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Now (253) 627-6506 (253) 627-6506 911 North L street PO Box 111379 Tacoma WA US 98403 author and advertising Married 2
The reality sinks in, fifty years out of high school and one takes stock of his or her accomplishments over that span of  time. For me it was military,college, work, marraige, children and now grandchildren; and of course they are the best. 

While I still work in Advertising going on 42 years this May, this past September, a book that began as a screenplay, I reworked into a book. It has done fairly well around the Christmas season as the name lends itself to that end. Christmas Magic is the name of the book that has Santa Claus. elves and pirates mixed in a fun fashon.  I have been asked by several people that read the book for a sequel and I most likely will do so, however, I have another book in mind that I would like to write. In addition, Department 56 may work with me on a village based on the book. Time will tell. I will update this information as time goes by.

Of late, Donna and I, marking our 37 years of marraige this year, spend a lot of time with the grandchildren. We will travel back to the Washington DC area come June to witness our son receiving his Masters degree (he teaches at Tacoma Community College and is being recruited by another college to work for them. He might do both and move out of the house). After we witness his graduation we will  then go onto Blairsville, PA to visit my daughters inlaws.

We still work on the family home as it seems there is always something that needs to be done. As older materials need replacing more modern materals take their place--sort of like us, to some degree. We need a new hip because the old one wore out or heart or whatever. Except it doesn't seem to work for hair.  I just wish to keep my mind, because like the rest of my classmates we worked to hard to do get it where it is and I do not wish to do it over again.

I have worked on every one of our class reunions and while a lot of work, it has been fun reconnecting. Life is short, so make the best of it everyday and be thankful you made it to this point.
Edward J. Hawkins

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E. Elizabeth Kiteley
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Now (253) 887-0777 1914 62nd ST SE Auburn WA US 98092 Artist Single 3
Elizabeth Kay (Kiteley) - is name I use for my art....In school I was known as Erla.  However, because  it was also my mother's name,  I tried to change it on the formal school records. The school refused to change my records.  Oh well...Call me whatever - just say it nicely. :) 

"Current" photo was taken at one of our "Steeds" Car Club events - with some SHS grads and A few Wilson pals....+
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Toni Munz (Tate)
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Now (925) 323-1866 37 Lemon Tree Circle Vacaville CA US 95687 Retired Single Again 2
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Lenora Roberts (Andres)
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Now (253) 227-5705 (253) 227-5705 8336 Bainbridge Loop N.E. Lacey WA US 98516 Retired Married 2
Hi everyone!  I am really looking forward to our 55th Reunion, seeing my former classmates, some of which I have come to know so much better from the previous reunions and talking on the phone.  I am still married to my husband Tom, and we  have our 2 daughters and 4 grandchildren.   We live in Jubilee, a retirement community in Lacey, WA.  Come and visit! I know you'll enjoy our 55th Reunion with me and bring your pictures and stories to tell.  We are planning this reunion to be as informal as possible to enable people to visit and share more. Send Lenora a MessageSend Lenora a Message
Marcia Rowling (Deem) (334) 649-0011 1806 Brackenbury Place Montgomery AL US 36117 Dental Hygienist Married 2
50  years, Wow, its hard to believe and it is.  Well, in a nut shell three days after graduation I started training in the field in which I am still.  I started in dentistry as a dental assistant, and in 2003 graduated again as a Dental Hygienist.  I married in 1969 and together we have shared 46 years.  We have 2 sons Aaron and Jason, 7 grandchildren, and 1 great grandson.  My husband Rich was stationed at Ft. Lewis and remained in the military for 13 years.  We got out of the military to pursue the ministry and while in Seminary was called back to Europe as missionaries to the Military.  We came to the state of Alabama in 1989 and here we are still.  We pastored in the state for a number of years, and my husband is now  Director of a non-profit Food Pantry that distributes monthly free food to aprox 520 families.  Our lives have been blessed with a lot of travel, a lot of friends and a lot of experiences.  Friends often say I should write a book (I know Lance has :-).......we all have stories and I hope to share some of them with you at the reunion.  
Charles n/a (Sheldon)
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Now (360) 433-9695 3 (604) 363-9695 921 SE 153rd Ave Apt B Vancouver WA US 98683-1343 Retored Accountant Divorced 2
I am divorced with 2 sons and 6 grand kids and a great grand daughter on the way.  I am a retired acccountant with a 4 year degree from Portland State Universidy.  I have a 2 year degree from  Tacoma Community College as a Paralegal.  I am a ex Marine and served in Viet Nam in 1967-68.  I live  in Vancouver, Washington.  I volunteer at the Clark County Court House "Information Desk."  I also volunteer at the Clark County Food Bank, picking up food from the stores.  I love to dance and go to movies.  I do yard work for a couple of ladies and have a small yard of my own. Send Charles a MessageSend Charles a Message
Anne Shelton (Widel)
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Now (253) 631-0543 (253) 631-0543 28414 178th Ave. SE Kent WA US 98042 Retired Married 3
Dale and I have been living in Covington for the last 16 years.  We love our 3/4 acre of paradise and enjoy having our 3 children and their spouses, 5 grandchildren and grandson-in-law, and our 4 plus great-grandchildren visit us here. Of course sometimes we have to go see them at their homes and finally in 2014 we were able to see our youngest, Robert, at his home in Albuquerque on our first around the US trip . . . 2 and 1/2 months of wonderful sightseeing and even more wonderful visiting with friends and relatives.

Dale has finally retired from Boeing and I have quit lying on the couch, watching soap operas and eating chocolate bonbons. We still have some rentals and that seems to be all we have time for now that we're "not doing anything".

The Lord has been our strength in our trials and our joy in the good times, and there have been many of each, fortunately many more good than bad. See you at the reunion.
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John Taylor
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Sandy and I were married and travelled the world for 39 years.  Spend most of my time with the grand children now ( 20. 16, 12, 7) Cars and machinery were good to us. I'm still a gearhead and race a few times a year.   Didn't make any of the other reunions and won't make this one, but Hi to all of you who are still around.
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